Miley Cyrus recalled an awkward run-in with Flavor Flav. While backstage at the iHeartRadio festival, Flav confused Miley Cyrus with Gwen Stefani. 

Flavor Flav is living his best life right now. The Public Enemy rapper recently got out unscathed of domestic abuse case. Flavor Flav also went on a podcast and confirmed he will be on a new album with Dr. Dre.

Miley Cyrus is living her best life too. The singer- actress is set to host a new years special show with Pete Davidson. She also made a cameo on Billie Eilish’s SNL episode.

While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Miley revealed an interesting anecdote with Flavor Flav. While backstage at the iHeartRadio festival, Flavor Flav confused Miley Cyrus with Gwen Stefani

The hilarious video is going viral on Twiter, Yeah, boyeeeeee!. In the interaction Flav yelled out “Gwen Stefaniiii” as he introduced Miley Cyrus to a group of people. After talking and taking a selfie with her, he gets corrected by someone who says “that’s Hannah Montana”, he says “y’all stupid”. Check out the video below.

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