Halle Berry revealed that she’s still full of love for her abusive father. Berry’s father was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive to her during her childhood.

Berry recently conducted an interview with NPR’S Fresh Air where she got very candid. During the interview, Berry discussed about her childhood and upbringing.

She shared that “There’s lots of abuse in my childhood. I grew up with an alcoholic father that was very abusive, both verbally, emotionally, physically.” “When he died, I was given a gift of talking to a spiritual healer and someone that took me through some spiritual exercises to sort of heal my wound with my dad.”

“He wasn’t born into the world an abusive, alcoholic man who was out of control. He became that by what he was and was not given; what he was exposed to and by what he wasn’t exposed to.”

“Going back another generation, they came from slavery, where my great-great-grandmother saw her daughters ripped away from her and the trauma that caused.”

“When I keep tracing it back, you realize that this was just generational trauma. That my father was just trying to survive. He was trying to find himself, find his manhood. And he was doing the best he could, and while he failed me and my family miserably, he really was only working with the tools he had been given.”

Berry not only tried understanding her father but she also defended him by saying that he grew up in a similar environment as herself. She also explained how generational trauma goes back further than that.

Viewing her father in this perspective is what has allowed her to be full of love for him. Different people have different attachment styles and Berry seemed to be very fond of her father.

Shivangini Rawat

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