Rick Ross has one of the most consistent catalogs on hip-hop, continuing with his new album Richer Than I’ve Ever Been. It was initially pushed back continuously before finally getting released last week and the Miami rapper did not disappoint.

Recently Ross joined Elliott Wilson and B. Dot for a new episode of Rap Radar where he dove deep into the album. He also spoke about his recently developed relationship with Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs once fired shots at Rozay, saying the Miami rapper’s music was filled with “bold-faced” lies. However, they’ve since squashed their feud with one another and recently worked together on “Scottie Beam” off of the Grammy-nominated Alfredo album.

B. Dot further asked Ross about the advice he gave Gibbs. Ross explained that among the many topics they’ve also discussed the possibility of Gibbs and Jeezy formally squashing their beef. Ross revealed that he’s told Gibbs to have a sit-down with the CTE leader after years of feuding.

“I’m not sure that it’s happened yet. But most definitely, That was a conversation I had with Freddie Gibbs because once again, you gotta appreciate when a brother reaches out to you and believe in your gift, brother,” Ross explained. “That’s what it’s about. As a boss, a CEO, you’re not obligated to owe anybody to sign anybody. Homie saw your vision, he believed in you. That’s what it came down to, that’s what I live by, and that was some of the advice I gave homie.”

Ross remembers that Gibbs said that he’d sleep on the advice. He called him back days later to say, “Rozay, let’s make it happen.” Ross recounted on advising Gibbs to take things slow from there. Hopefully, we will soon witness a formal ending to Jeezy and Gibbs beef. Watch Rick talk about his album and Gibbs in the youtube video below.

Anushmitta Dutta

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