Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus clearly have more than their love of marijuana between them. Their sweet friendship was on display throughout their appearance on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” as they laughed their way a game of “True Confessions.”

Ironically, Pete’s biggest true confession actually happened outside the game, and it wasn’t the story of how he and Miley wound up with matching tattoos. “I stopped smoking weed the next day,” Miley joked. “Well, at least with Pete, anyway.”

Pete may have given Miley a permanent reminder of their friendship, but she gave him a memory he’ll be able to cherish forever when she took him to his first-ever gay club. “I loved it,” Pete declared. “I felt like the coolest guy ever.”

He was also pretty popular, according to Miley, and with one guy in particular. As it turns out, while Pete was just hanging out with a drink in his hand, another guy was hanging out, too, but in a whole different way.

Pete and Miley join forces for “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” starting at 10:30 p.m. ET on NBC. Explaining that they’re going to Miami because she hates the cold, Miley described their strategy as, “He’ll be funny, I’ll be naked and together we’ve got a show.”

Finally, Miley weighed in on Pete’s nascent romance with Kim Kardashian, climbing right up on him to very pointedly sing “It Should Have Been Me.” She even changed the lyrics to make it very clear that she’s telling him it should have been her instead of Kim.

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