Master P is no stranger when it comes to leveling the playing field for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, but for now, his son Hercy Miller has decided that Tennessee State University’s basketball program is no longer where he wants to play.

Master P, whose name is Percy Miller, said his son did not receive proper medical attention after suffering a hip injury in the Tigers’ first game of the season Nov. 9 against Alabama A&M. Miller was sidelined with the hip injury. Furthermore an improper diagnosis nearly led to the end of Hercy’s playing career.

“We’ve got a great program at Tennessee State, we’ve got great people, we loved the culture, we just don’t have enough trainers,” The hip-hop mogul said of the transfer. “We don’t have enough medical people to take care of what needs to be taken care of. We don’t have the technology that the Dukes and all these major universities have. An injury like this could have been prevented.”

Master P told The Tennessean that he doesn’t blame anyone at Tennessee State, and merely says he’s frustrated with HBCU’s overall lack of funding. However, TSU athletics department officials told The Tennessean that Master P has mistaken because the exact opposite of his claims are true. The school’s sports medicine department isn’t understaffed or underfunded.

Earlier this year, a legislative report by the Office of Legislative Budget Analysis estimated TSU had been underfunded by $544 million in land-grant funding over the years. Furthermore Master P pushed back against the assertion of HBCU not being underfunded and expressed confusion at how TSU officials are okay with things the way they are.

Watch this video of Master P expressing similar concerns to TMZ on December 2.

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