Ruby Freeman, a 62-year-old grandmother and elections worker, had to flee her home in the aftermath of the 2020 US Presidential electoin. She began receiving death threats from irate supporters of Donald Trump who claimed that she manipulated votes to allow President Biden to win. Among the threats was a pressure-filled visit from a publicist for rapper Kanye West.

Freeman reported the strange visits and threats to Reuters. She said that Trevian Kutti, the publicist, told the election worker that she was in imminent danger. Kutti said she was coming to help her. In reality, she was there to pressure Freeman into confessing to voting fraud. She told her that she was in danger of an immediate arrest if she didn’t “tell the truth.”

Freeman ended the conversation. She decided that nobody was out to help her. The ordeal has disrupted her life completely since the election.

The exchange was recorded on recently released police bodycam footage. Kutti can be seen first speaking calmly. The language quickly switched to intimidation as Kutti pressures the election worker. Kutti claims she was sent by a black progressive crisis manager named Harrison Ford, which is apparently the best code name Kanye West could come up with.

During the video, Kutti implies that she is working in tandem with the federal government. Trump implicated Ruby Freeman in election fraud by name several times. The misrepresentation and intimidation tactics are very apparent in the video.

Trevian Kutti has not commented on the newly surfaced video. It appears there are several violations of federal law in the recording. Time will tell if anything ever comes of it, but given the history of those associated with Trump, progressives aren’t holding their breath.

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Michael Perry

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