The Bachelor in Paradise star has finally come out fresh with his new look. A recent video shared by Miller-Keyes revealed his new hair cut.

Dean Unglert was growing his hair for more than a year. Recently, Unglert went out with his girlfriend, Caelynn Miller-Keyes. They headed for the Disney+ screening of Welcome to Earth on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

Miller-Keyes shared a video from the event that took Unglert’s fans by surprise. Fans immediately noticed that Unglert was sporting a new, short hair-do. Dean decided to bring back his 2017 vibe. Or, as some fans call it, the “hot Dean” era.

Unglert was always open about his preference for long hair. But we all have our own impulsive moments and we always look for a change, right? Similarly, Dean decided to ride his impulse and go for the short trim.

“Dean cut his hair… and hottest couple goes to: Dean and Caelynn,” a user commented.

“Dean cut his hair ?!?!” another comment read, adding the heart eyes emoji.

“The short hair is back! Love to see it. You guys look so good,” a third Instagram user wrote.

“Dean cuts his hair and goes back to hot Dean,” a fourth comment read.

“Literally my life long dream to draw the ears. I would practice it,” a sarcastic comment from an artist read.

Unglert didn’t respond to any of the chatter. So it’s unclear if he had a specific reason for chopping his shoulder-length locks off. However, it’s safe to say that Bachelor fans haven’t been super in love with Unglert’s long hair.

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Quotes via Heavy.

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