Jenelle Evans set the records straight about her husband, David Eason in her latest TikTok video. Evans reveals the reason behind the clash between MTV and Eason on the social media platform.

In a previous statement by Evans, people came to know that she wasn’t invited to the Teen Mom: Reunion special episode. The TikTok video references a comment about that statement. A user commented on that video, “David prolly wouldn’t allow you to go without him. girl please.”

Evans clarified that she never proposed Eason to be involved in the filming of that special. All she asked for is David’s support. Evans is very well aware of the fact that her husband is not interested in any such MTV drama. She explains,

“I was literally wanting him there for support, that’s all.” Evans added, “He doesn’t want to deal with all that bullsh**, trust me. And that’s where, you know, MTV and David butt heads.”

Back in September, Evans was “confused” and “anxious” about the fact that producers had never gotten back to her about being part of filming. She concluded that she is willing to do pretty much anything for them. David was just there to put his foot down.

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Reply to @lacybeems actually @easondavid is the voice of reason sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

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