Heather Dubrow is being slammed by “Real Housewives of Orange County” fans for wasting money. Fans also criticized the fact that she boasted about her party expenses online.

This adds another ruined dinner party to the Bravo franchise portfolio. Dubrow decided to shut down a dinner party she was hosting. An upset Dubrow threatened to quit the show shortly after returning from a five-year hiatus.

The drama started when dinner guest Gina Kirschenheiter told Dubrow about a Shannon Beador rumor. According to Page Six, Shannon revealed that Nicole James once sued Dubrow’s plastic surgeon husband, Terry, after he botched her “boob job”. Angry Dubrow told Terry,

“Terry I’m leaving the show right now. Kicking everyone out of my house.”

Ultimately the dinner guests were sent home before the main course was even served. Fans later learnt that the lavish dinner party was catered by the upscale Japanese-Peruvian restaurant, Nobu.

The bill for the uneaten steak and sushi that would have been served by staff from Nobu was probably around $10,000. The alcohol was $5,000. After adding up everything else that was spent for the 11 women, Dubrow estimated the failed dinner party cost her $36,000.

Her husband became infuriated after hearing dinner tabs. RHOC also showed ther anger as the episode aired. Dubrow was slammed on social media for wasting so much food and money and later boasting about it. An outraged fan tweeted:

“36k for a dinner party Then she kicks everyone out before she lets them eat?! Beyond ridiculous & wasteful! She cld have donated the 36k to a million different causes before she threw the s*** away! #RHOC.”

Check more tweets from fans at the end of this article. What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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