Christmas seems to be already lit this year, as a man decided to torch up the tree outside FOX News building. The smell of Christmas came early this year and that too, a very smoky one.

One suspect is already in custody as per NYPD report obtained by TMZ. The incident happened outside FOX NYC headquarters. The cops arrested a homeless man who is believed to be the major suspect in the arson.

The suspect apparently acted alone in setting the 50-foot tree ablaze early Wednesday morning. FDNY put out the fire pretty quickly and there were no casualties. No one was injured.

Smoke reportedly filled the office building consequently suffocating the people who were inside. The lit up Christmas tree had been decorated with 10,000 lights which were just turned on Sunday during an on-air lighting ceremony.

The flames caused collateral damage to three nearby trees. The other trees were also Christmas trees decorated with lights. Luckily, there were no people nearby the spot who got injured.

Relief crews are already taking down what’s left of the torched down tree. FOX NYC is already planning to install and decorate a new one on that spot. Perhaps Grinch chose the wrong day to stole Christmas.

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Gunjan Nath

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