Paul “PK” Kemsley was recently arrested under the suspicion of DUI. Wife Dorit Kemsley is now defending her husband stating that he was barely over the speed limit.

Dorit notes that her husband is very regretful. According to her, he is fully aware of the nature and the danger of drinking and driving. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 45, made her remarks to a photographer. She was leaving the 2021 People’s Choice Awards with her co-star Kyle Richards on Tuesday.

“He was barely over the limit, and he fully understands and reassures me that it will never happen again,”

Dorit Kemsley stood firm by her husband, PK, after his arrest. On November 23rd, PK, 54, was taken into custody after having wine with dinner and driving on the 101 in Los Angeles. The Daily Mail reported that he was pulled over off Laurel Canyon and initially blew a .081 during a breathalyzer test.

The legal limit in California is .08. PK was then was arrested and taken to a police station. Later at the police station, he blew a .073. He was held at the station for an hour before being driven back home.

PK’s attorney, Alan Jackson, told Page Six on Tuesday that PK only had a glass of wine with dinner. He was out with a business colleague where he consumed the bare minimum alcohol. The statement continues:

“Following a traffic stop, it was determined that he may have been close to the legal limit. He regrets the fact he did not take alternate transportation home that evening. PK takes the allegations extremely seriously and fully cooperated with the authorities.”

The incident mark PK’s first and only such blunder in his long driving history. He has learned a valuable lesson and promised his beloved love that it won’t ever happen again.

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H/T to PageSix.

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