Snoop Dogg‘s team has been busy building a digital world in the Metaverse which includes his real-world personal mansion where the rapper hosts exclusive parties. The term Metaverse gained a ton of popularity in recent months. Several artists are have released their own personalized NFT collection including Eminem and Jay-Z

It’s the latest shift of phase in online interaction. Many celebrities are trying their best to get there early before it catches on with the public and becomes available to masses.

Rolling Stone reports ,Snoop has been building his own digital interactive world as, “an Ethereum-based platform for creating and monetizing online hangout spaces and gaming experience.

In his Metaverse, one can find a digital recreation of his real life Diamond Bar, California Mansion. Snoop will be hosting private parties and elsewhere, there will be a digital venue that features concerts and guests can create there own avatars and will be able to cars, clothes and homes. So one can now party with the music legend himself-digitally.

On Friday December 3, reportedly someone paid over $450k to get their hands on prime deal estate on the digital next door property from Snoop’s. The NFT market is certainly making out to be lucrative deal. You can watch what Snoop has to offer in his Metaverse below.

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