It might look easy to stand around in your underwear and look alluringly at a camera, but as proven Monday night by Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson it’s actually a lot harder than it looks.

Seemingly within minutes of the SNL star tar taking over the Calvin-Klein’s Instagram sporting a CK t-shirt, his long-time pal MGK jumped in to ask if they were going to show off their underwear. They were doing just that, stripping down to their white CK “undies” during an Instagram Live appearance on Kelly’s page.

Both men enjoy a popular sex appeal that has as many people talking about how that can be as there are people simply enjoying it for what it is. They’re also romantically linked to two of the most beautiful women on the planet, by most standards. Kelly is dating Megan Fox while Davidson has been frequently linked with Kim Kardashian.

Davidson’s sexy star began to rise back when he was dating and briefly engaged to Ariana Grande. He gained particular attention after she made a comment about a particular acronym. That popularized the acronym BDE, in association with the comedian.

In the video, Kelly called out Davidson’s “BDE” status after the “SNL” star joked, “I hope everyone’s horny. We really brought the horniness. I mean, we bring the horniness…If you look up Machine Gun Kelly in the Urban Dictionary, it says, ‘Horniness.'” As for his own BDE, Davidson said, “It is insanely embarrassing, but yes, it is true.”

The boys spent their time showing off the underwear model poses. Ultimately, the boys decided that it was Calvin’s loss with one final pose to prove why the brand could have really gone to the next level with the combination of “horniness” and BDE that this duo was bringing. “It’s their loss,” they joked. But it was everyone else’s win!

Anirban Biswas

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