Jim Jones is getting the meme treatment for his braids. The rapper has been photographed way too many times with is braids not properly laid up. Fans have taken to social media to poke fun at his non-so-perfect hair do.

The Harlem native is known for wearing his hair in braids. However, some keen observers have wondered why viewers never witness his braids freshly done. The rapper clapped back at their remark.

The meme in question has been floating around for quite a while now. It comprises of two photos of Jim Jones with the caption, “It’s like Jim Jones goes to get his hair braided and says ‘When you’re done, brush it.’”.

Jones posted it to his own Instagram account and fired back at the trolls. “I thought we was supposed to b cool this how yal gone handle me. ‘BRUSH IT’ I’m out F y’all,” he wrote. “‘Sticks n stones’ u know the rest lol. Ps hate yal lol”.

Jones poked fun at himself last month as well. Following the announcement that Leonardo DiCaprio was nearing a deal to play cult leader Jim Jones. Some joked that DiCaprio was actually portraying the rapper instead. Jones then posted a meme of Leo’s face photoshopped over his, saying Leo is going to need some “gang tutoring” if he wants to play him.

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Shifa Jahan

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