Clubhouse is a relatively young app. While the pandemic had made it greatly relevant as it was the place to hang out with others as well as get a chance to interact with celebrities, the buzz around it is just not the same anymore. However, NBA Youngboy has unexpectedly made the app trend again.

NBA YoungBoy gave an appearance on Clubhouse in order to get interviewed by DJ Akademiks. YoungBoy revealed many important things, such as him missing a chance to collaborate with J. Cole, his crush on Doja Cat & what he likes to listen to.

Youngboy’s explanation behind why he couldn’t collaborate with J. Cole while killing all the rumors surrounding it was one of the highlights of the talk. The rapper’s listening habit not including many of his contemporaries was another big revelation.

The rapper’s appearance on the app led to a huge surge in the app’s downloads on the Apple store. While the app sat on #60 before the rapper’s appearance, it jumped up to #5 just days following the interview.

YoungBoy appeared on Clubhouse after his DJ Akademiks interview as well. While he got into a room with 21 Savage where Savage started trolling him, he made his own room later in which his baby mama Yaya Mayweather joined the conversation.

What’s your take on YoungBoy’s newfound love for Clubhouse? Sound off in the comments!

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