Myles Garrett looked desperate to turn things around for his team. The Cleveland Browns are currently at 6-6. With the help of the media, Garrett has sent messages to his teammates before. He also made sure that everybody knew that he’s still focused on winning.

Garret’s team was on a bye week. Garrett seemed to post photos and videos from the Browns loss to the Ravens, including his sack of Lamar Jackson. Garett captioned his posts as “Nobody wants it more than I do.”

Garret tied the Browns franchise record with his takedown of Lamar Jackson after having 14 sacks this season. The Browns former is the odds on favorite for defensive player of the year. He has an outside shot of breaking Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record of 22.5 if he has a torrid stretch to close out the year.

This season, The Browns looked inconsistent with their defense. They were looking great at times and miserable at others. Earlier this season Cleveland lost to the Patriots 45-7 and was carved up by rookie quarterback Mac Jones. The comments forced Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski to speak to Garrett, although he did not reveal the details of what was spoken about.

“Any time you have a game like that, there is a lot of frustration,” Stefanski told reporters on Monday, November 15. “I have spoken to Myles about that, and I will keep that conversation between Myles and myself.”

“We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and see how we can get better, see how we can scheme better, see how we can make adjustments on the fly,” Garrett said in his postgame press conference. “We never had a chance just because we didn’t make any adjustments on the sideline or when we had time to.”

Garrett also called on his fellow pass-rushers early on in the season to produce while he’s drawing attention. “For me, it’s tough watching my teammates not being able to make a play because when I see the offense keying on me with chips and stuff like that, I’m like well, they’re taking a player out of play to stop me, so we have a one-on-one,” he said in September. “And to see that they’re not making the play, it’s kind of frustrating because I want to see them go out there and make big plays and we’ve got to get there.” He continued.

“I’m trying to take two or three men, however many, to take out of the pass or the run, so we have to take advantage of that. And I know that they’re not always going to do that chip and double me. They’re going to do that for other players as soon as they step up and start making big plays, but right now, we all have to make plays. We all have to earn that respect.” He said.

It isn’t Garett’s fault that Browns are struggling to find consistency. He was recently named the team’s MVP by Bleacher Report at this point in the season. Garrett and the Browns will get another shot at the Ravens when they return from a much-needed bye week.

Shivangini Rawat

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