Jazmine Sullivan expresses regret for fans who were unable to purchase tickets to her upcoming tour. She posted her apology on Twitter and shared further information on her Instagram story.

All her upcoming tour tickets were sold out over the weekend. Apparently the resellers bought them up to make profit out of it. Scalpers are an issue as they try to make a quick buck on fans and this sadly works a majority of the time.

Jazmine is more than ready for her 25-stop North American tour set to kick off in February. On her Instagram story, she wrote to fans an apologized for the scalpers.

“I want to address what’s happening with my tour tickets. The reality is these are regular people who purchased tickets and are reselling them for a profit. It’s not right but that’s what happening.”

The situation is unethical but sadly, Sullivan doesn’t have any control over it. In the past, she has moved several shows into bigger venues for similar reasons. She concluded her statement saying,

“I just felt like I needed to say something because I hate to see my true fans upset and unable to purchase tickets that they’ve been waiting for.”

Sullivan saw peak success this year as she bagged the Album of the Year and Best R&B/Soul Female Artist at the Soul Train Awards. She was further nominated for three Grammys. Her empathetic personality is definitely one of the reasons behind her huge success.

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