Eddie Griffin had humble beginnings he didn’t plan on having a career in comedy, after high school he had a free scholarship to Kansas State University. He enrolled in the Biological Engineering program attended college for one year then he joined the US Navy hoping to see new lands but he was stationed in Meridian, Mississippi. He left Navy after one year.

His journey into the comedy world started out in a comedy club in Kansas hanging out with his cousin. He bet Eddie that he couldn’t perform on the stage, Eddie took the bet and performed for 45-minutes, tanked it and got himself banned from the club. The organizers found him to be too “blue” for their taste.

After this he started doing comedy professionally, he started doing small gigs at his local Jazz clubs on their slowest days. He found small successes at these gigs, opened for Marcia Warfield, who suggested him to move to L.A or New York cause he’s too big for this city. This interaction inspired him to move to L.A.

In L.A, he got his first gig at Comedy Store by pretending to be a manager for himself. He talked his way through a 5-min spot, his performance impressed Mitzi shore who gave him his first break.

While doing a show in 1991 New Orleans, a young Master P opened for Eddie. Years later when they met again in 1998, Master P was a successful rapper by then, to thank Eddie for the opportunity which led to his success, He cut Eddie a check for $1 M dollars for the movie “Foolish.

It was a box office success beating Star Wars Ep 1 in per screen average. You can watch Eddie Griffin’s full interview for VladTv below.

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