Marvel comics writer Jim Starlin is behind one of the best soap operas of all time, that is Guardians of The Galaxy. Starlin has brought back and completely changed many Marvel characters, such as Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 is already under production, even though it has been scheduled as a May, 2023 project. James Gunn has come back for the project, after he was fired in the middle.

The Maze Runner star Will Poulter has been cast as the cosmic superhero Adam Warlock in the upcoming film, and Starlin has a couple of things to say on that. While speaking to THR, he said that he never imagined Thanos would be played by Josh Brolin, Marvel nailed the casting.

I never pictured [Josh] Brolin as Thanos. I had a couple of other actors in mind. But now I can’t imagine anyone but Brolin playing Thanos. They’ve been good at casting the characters. This actor will probably turn out to be just as good as the others.

Starlin’s faith in Marvel Studios casting is definitely wise. If anything, the MCU has proved time and again that they’re capable of getting only the best actors to do the job.

Poulter has never had the roles where he’s played a heavily dominating character. While he isn’t allowed to give any details about what the role of Adam Warlock is going to be in the MCU, we can only hope that Marvel has another iconic MCU hero locked and loaded.

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