Toccara Jones is defending Tyra Banks for being canceled on America’s Next Top Model. She is defending Tyra on what some people are seeing as exploitation on the show. Claiming that it’s unrealistic to pay contestants.

As the ex America’s Next Top Model contestant, Toccara Jones informed TMZ that Tyra did nothing wrong. She explained that it’s the way things go in the modeling industry. Tyra did nothing wrong by collecting more money than the contestants.

The other girls only got a $40 per diem and no residuals. Toccara said that she has never heard the fact that people get paid to be in a contest. She said that the whole point of a competition is to win and get the prize money. The show’s exposure certainly worked out for Toccara. She had her struggles on season 3, in part, because she was a plus-sized model.

Tyra and America’s Next Top Model are getting all of this attention after a fan of the show went viral this week. She highlighted the fact that Tyra pulled in a huge paycheck as a judge while the models got scraps. Sarah Hartshorne tweeted the fan’s complaint.

Sarah tweeted that models didn’t get residuals and had to pay for their food during the show. Further, Toccara said that the $40 was a per diem and she’s got no issues about the lack of residuals for her air time. She informed TMZ on how the show gives models a stepping stone to eventually land a gig with good pay.

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