LeBron James‘ son Bronny James has recently been catching the attention of basketball fans all over the world with some amazing on-court moves. The possibility of the father-son playing together at NBA has been a talking been a talking point for fans.

Bronny recently dropped 19 points against LeBron James’ alma mater St. Vincent–St. Mary High School, as Lebron was in attendance to watch his son put on a show. Bonny secured a 71-53 win against the Ohio school. He pulled off a finger roll called ‘jelly” in the fourth quarter. Flamboyance is key to pulling this move off and that is exactly what Bronny James did.

“It felt special playing on the same court as he’s played,” James said after the game. “I’m getting a lot of confidence from that, and it was a really special game for me. Afterwards Lebron just said he liked everything I was doing, with my poise and my pace for the game.” added the new superstar. He also mentions taking inspiration from Laker’s arena.

This isn’t the first time Bronny’s Trailblazers had taken a game from LeBron’s Fighting Irish. Two years ago he secured a 56-59 win against them. At the time, he was playing in a support role behind five-star recruits B.J. Boston and Ziaire Williams. 

Bonny is being considered as the rising star who has taken great strides in the last couple of weeks. He is being praised for his ability, confidence and poise in the game. Bronny has finally stepped up and showed his leadership on the court.

Anushmitta Dutta

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