Billie Eilish is infamous for transforming her style statement. The once baggy outfit hippie has now adopted the alluring genre in her fashion. Recently, she received major backlash for her viral cleavage-showing cover shoot.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, the 19-year-old singer reflected on her success and boost in confidence. This was her fifth anniversary with Vanity Fair. Her everchanging hair and fashion alternations are a topic of discussion every year.

She offered a candid retrospective on the reactions to her June 2021 British Vogue cover. The revealing cover photo saw her posing in corsets and cleavage-baring lingerie for a pinup-style photoshoot. In October, Billie told Elle Magazine how that photoshoot triggered negative reactions among her fans.

The photo instantly went social media viral and soon became the talk of the virtual town. A major reaction on the photo was negative to which Billie jokingly stated that people are scared of big boobs. She further said jokingly,

“I lost 100,000 followers just because of the boobs. People are scared of big boobs.” 

Billie further added that her fans wanting her to maintain her old style was “dehumanizing”. It’s her personal taste and bias on what she would like to wear and no one should judge her on that page.

The singer was known for her signature baggy clothes. In the interview with Vanity Fair, Billie refuted the idea that she changed her style. Furthermore, she expressed that she dropped the baggy clothes due to her growth in confidence which led to her wearing baggy clothes in the first place.

“It was so weird because I was like ‘It’s not a new style, it’s one thing I wore, and then I’m gonna wear this another day, and then I’m gonna do this.’ And literally, the thing that I’ve been preaching about since I first started is, wear what you want, dress how you want, act how you want, talk how you want, be how you want. That’s all I’ve ever said. Being able to feel confident stepping outside without a hat and a hood and glasses and a mask and a jacket… it’s so much better when you don’t have to live like that. And I realized that this year that I don’t have to live like that.” 

To top that, Billie Eilish swapped out her blonde hair for brunette in a selfie that has garnered over 12 million likes. In the caption she wrote, “Miss me?”, targeting her haters. Eilish recently launched her fragrance last month where she went topless to promote it. Despite the negative crowd reactions, Billie continues to rock her dynamic with swagger.

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