Griselda Records rapper Westside Gunn is known for his heavy fashion sense. He is fond of jewelry and has an entire collection worth millions of dollars. Gunn recently posted a video of his latest jewelry pickup flexing the newest piece.

Westside Gunn’s latest drip came in the form of a comically massive diamond bracelet. The exaggerated bracelet has a central rectangular slab sparkling with diamond settings. The central piece is held together with chains so huge that they don’t even qualify under chains.

Fans didn’t hold back with their troll game in the comments. One compared it with Ben 10’s omnitrix, “n**** got an iced out omnitrix”. Another user hilariously declared it as a house arrest monitor, “N**** rocking a house arrest monitor on his sh*t.”

Gunn seems to be super contended with his latest haul. He declares it as the best piece in the scene. He even went ahead to boast that it cost him around $500,000. In his video, he said,

“Half a million. Biggest bracelet in the game, by the way. Don’t front, don’t stunt, act like you seen a bracelet bigger, cuz I know you’re lyin'”

Gunn mentioned that he really wanted to show off his bracelet because he knows anyone ever saw anything like that. He rightfully assumed that it’s the “biggest bracelet in the game.” 

What’s your thoughts on this massive bracelet? Sound off in the comments!

Gunjan Nath

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