Westside Boogie is well known for perfectionism and this time it is no different. In a recent conversation with HotNewHipHop Boogie explained why he hasn’t released his album, despite it being approved by Eminem. The Compton rapper is in constant battle with himself while he is trying to make a flawless record.

Fans have been waiting for a long time. In May, 2021, Boogie posted a photo from Marshall’s studio and said that he played him an album and got a green light. The rapper has now promised the album’s speedy arrival

“This whole process has been Boogie versus Boogie. I think ‘Everything’s For Sale’ was so good, I just want to make sure, Yeah, I’m a perfectionist. I know everybody like, over-uses that word, but I really am a perfectionist. And I won’t put it out unless I believe in it all the way, now I’m finally at a space to where I’m really focused on figuring out paperwork and stuff out now, so now I’m just trolling people at this point. But yeah album done, I’m ready to drop this one and drop another one. I’m just grateful that my fans still waited this long, cause I’d be pissed,” said Boogie.

The artist admits that he isn’t satisfied with his work despite being praised by Em. “I played him the album, now he said yeah, you’re good to go, I got back home, and started to tweak so much stuff, so now we here, six months later,” says Boogie about the album delay. Boogie did not second-guess Eminem’s decision because their first conversation demonstrated that Marshall is very familiar with his music and ready to discuss intricacies of craft with the young artist.

The album is finally coming and Boogie is ready to spill some info. Smino, a rapper from St. Louis who infuses his music with funk and soul influences, will make his appearance on the record. Are you excited for his new album?

Watch this photo by Westside Boogie that inspired rumors about a possible collaboration.

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