Rapper Digga D recently found himself in a controversy after playing with an orangutan “trapped” in a car. The rapper has been accused of animal abuse. The orangutan named George appears to be distressed as Digga D can be seen shouting at him.

Digga D was seen feeding the animal strawberry milk and shouting at it in online videos. The ex-con, big in the drill rap scene that glorifies murder and guns, is believed to have bought the ape online,

People were quick to comment under the video after witnessing the horrifying event. “This is absolute stupidity and cruelty against this animal, endured at the expense of idiotic individuals,” said one user.

“The animal is literally trapped in a car and has multiple cameras pointing at him and they are screaming, the animal is clearly in huge distress,” pointed out another follower.

Digga was filming a video in Dubai where trading and owning exotic ­animals as pets was outlawed in 2017. The footage was shared to 55,000 followers of an Instagram page called UK1Drill and included the words, “Digga d buys a monkey on living.”

In one clip the ape, referred to as George, pulls the car’s red seats as Herbert offers him a bottle. The rapper tried to feed George grapes, only for him to repeatedly bat his hand away. In another clip, George buried his face while Digga pats him and shouts “don’t cry”.

Orangutan Foundation’s Rob Durgut said: “Keeping a wild animal, and in particular an intelligent and critically endangered species like an orangutan, has damaging implications to the individual animal and fuels the illegal wildlife trade.” Digga D’s manager was later approached for a comment.

Watch this video of Digga D mentioned above.

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