The Matrix Resurrections new trailer just dropped and its time to go down the rabbit hole. Fans have pulled apart the 60 seconds clip to conduct extensive research on their theories.

Ever since Jonathan Groff was cast in The Matrix Resurrections, fans had theorized he’s playing a new Agent Smith. A new trailer just confirmed it. The trailer titled “The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu” was released by Warner Bros on December 1st.

The Matrix Resurrections– Déjà Vu trailer compares iconic scenes from the old films to new The Matrix Resurrections moments. Images of Groff’s character are put parallel with Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith several times.

The biggest clue comes around the 21-second mark, where archive footage of Smith smashing Neo into a wall transitions into a new snippet where Groff is the one pummeling Keanu Reeves through brickwork. This was not the only Easter-egg.

The scenes also confirm Groff’s character possesses strength on-par with the Agents. There’s the haunting image of Groff’s mouth stitching close with skin – which Smith did to Neo in 1999. There is also a shot of Groff looking menacing as rain pours down his face, very evocative of the drenched final battle between Smith and Neo in The Matrix Revolutions

By proving Groff was playing a major antagonist, and then alluding toward Agent Smith’s Morpheus interrogation from the original trilogy Warner Bros.’ marketing division are hinting to the fact that the characters are very alike if not the same.

Similar to how Yahya Abdul-Mateen II might not be playing the Morpheus audiences know and love (but is still, essentially, Morpheus). The Matrix Resurrections is set for release on December 22. Watch the new trailer below.

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Shifa Jahan

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