Its been weeks since the disastrous event took place at the Astroworld festival, but the pain and suffering caused to the countless victims both direct and indirect has not been lessened in any way.

An emergent report from The Houston Chronicle dives deep into the catastrophe to unravel exactly what was going on on an organizational level and, how what happened was unlikely to be anything but, a “catastrophe weeks in the making.

According to the article “failures by multiple authorities tasked with ensuring the safety of attendees that day, including inadequate and poorly trained security, deficiencies coordination between city officials and festival management, and a nearly hour-long delay in halting the show after the danger became apparent” is one of the most significant reason for such a tragedy to take place.

After the November 5th incident occurred, social media was ablaze with people speculating what actually happened – many are saying that the attendees were injected with drugs which, caused them to go under cardiac arrest. As the videos, clips, pictures, and confessions of people are being observed and discussed, people on the internet trying to figure out what went down in the ‘concert from hell’.


Interviews conducted of the many attendees, concert staff, and guards at the event discuss what happened with The Houston chronicle. Samuel Bush said to the news outlet that Jackson, his nephew told him about this security job(it’s become quite obvious that the organizers had been having major staffing concerns, so decided to go with a few last-minute picks ), and all it was necessary to get it was just text their number to a listing; which both of them did, and they were then told to appear at the even dressed entirely in black.

With an appealing reward of $30 an hour for a six-hour job, with no necessity for vetting, or interviews it was a no-brainer for anyone but obviously a desperate last-minute resort. This is quite concerning “the lowest-level security guard license in Texas involves a six-hour training course, a background check and registering with the Department of Public Safety.”

Although Jackson is still within these standards, this does present an opportunity for such serious mishaps to take place more often when there is no due diligence done.

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