Sylvester Stallone is known for being an ideal dad to his baby girls. His daughters, Sophia Stallone and Sistine Stallone recently shared their dad’s guidance about finding true love.

In a recent video clip, two of the Rambo’s daughters, Sophia, 25, and Sistine, 23, revealed the guidance dad has imparted on them. The video clip was taken from their podcast, Unwaxed that was released on Wednesday, Dec. 2. Sophia shared one of her recent encounters,

“I was telling my mom about how I have a date this week and my dad suddenly comes out of nowhere. He’s like, ‘can I just butt in here?’ He was saying about being patient for the right one. And that the way that the guy treats you early on really is an indicator of how his overall personality will be in the relationship.” 

Sistine seemed to agree with her father’s idea of not rushing into love and instead just wait for it to come. Sophia compared her dad’s advice to having golden nuggets of wisdom dropped on her about the search for Mr. Right.

According to Sophia, her dad mentioned that love doesn’t operate on some set timetable. He said it might be next week or when she is 35 years old, it doesn’t matter. Choosing happiness and true compatibility than chasing the clock is important.

It appears that Sylvester is putting the dating knowledge he’s gained throughout his life to good use. Sistine also invited him back onto their podcast so he could impart his dating wisdom on a larger audience.

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H/T to E! Online for quotes

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