Meagan Good wants to become a gun owner due to recent rise of home invasions in Los Angeles. The actress revealed that although she didn’t need a gun to protect herself, the recent attacks have changed her.

In an interview with Charlamange ThaGod on his Comedy Central show, Megan explained why she changed her mind about owning a gun. Meagan told Charlamange that she used to think that she didn’t need a gun because there wouldn’t be time to grab the weapon if a situation arose. The recent home invasions have changed her mind and now she wants to at least have the option.

Meagan’s fears are no joke since recently TMZ broke the news of the deadly invasion at Clarence’s Avant Beverly Hills home. Avant’s wife, Jackie was shot and killed after the suspect made it inside during the home invasion robbery. This doesn’t stop here. Dorit Kemsley also had three men storm into her bedroom to threaten her life before fleeing with six figures.

Terrence J was also a victim. The actor told the cops that a group of men pulled up into his driveway and ordered him to get out of his car. The started firing and chasing him after he refused to listen before finally driving off.

Meagan is thus embracing the 2nd Amendment. She has no intentions to shoot or kill any potential invaders but is only willing to defend herself with the gun. Meagan has all the right to defend herself and we support her decision.

Watch this interview of Meagan mentioned above.

Anushmitta Dutta

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