Peyton List has portrayed bad girl Tory Nichols since the second season of Cobra Kai. Her acting career spans more than a decade. She became most famous as the star of “Jessie” on the Disney Channel back in 2011.

Now 23-years-old, Peyton discussed what it was like to experience her adolescence on camera. She said seeing the subtle changes over time made her self-conscious. She became judgmental of herself.

“I was going through puberty and that awkwardness of not wearing a bra and then watching an episode and going, ‘Oh my gosh. How did wardrobe not tell me? Like, I need a bra.’ I definitely got very judgmental of myself and I noticed a lot of anxiety and insecurity.

I had behind-the-teeth braces because I was filming and they would just cut up the sides of my tongue to where I didn’t want to talk. I had a lisp because I was trying to learn to talk around the braces. We’d be taking it out and putting it on the script supervisor’s podium between scenes.”

List also talked about the physical nature of her role as Tory on Cobra Kai. She said she has to practice kicks and work on her legs for an hour every day to maintain her stamina for the demanding part. She’s been taking virtual martial arts classes, as well.

Peyton List has been appearing in film and on television since an uncredited role in 2004’s Spider-Man 2. Her impressive resume has run the gamut between children’s programming and more grown-up fare. She had to overcome a lot as she grew up before our eyes, but it seems like she’s doing great these days.

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Michael Perry

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