In an exclusive sneak peak ahead of next week’s episode of 1,000-lb. Sisters on TLC, the show’s star Tammy Slaton is featured in a clip arguing with her nurse who just wants her to workout.

In the episode, Tammy’s nurse Tisa can be seen taking immense efforts to get her to do some mobility exercises only to be met with some serious resistance from the show’s star.

After Tisa tells Tammy to consider walking out in the open for a while, Tammy straight up labels her as “crazy” and refuses to comply with her caretaker.

In a confessional segment, Tisa reveals that she does empathize with Tammy’s situation and also realizes that she would be embarrassed to workout but even still, her ultimate goal is to get her patient out of her wheelchair.

Tammy on the other hand, tells the camera that Tisa does not understand her situation at all and that there’s no fear involved from her side.

I don’t think she quite understands what pain tolerance I have and what I go through, just to stand up and go the bathroom. I’m not scared of s––t.

(credits to E! Online for the quotes)

After Tisa tries to pursue Tammy a bit more, she decides to make things clear by saying that the issue should not be pushed any further and that it will only make her shut down more.

The new episode of 1,000-lb. Sisters airs on TLC this Monday on December 6th at 10 PM.

Darshan Sheth

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