The league has suspended Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown and two others for three games due to misrepresenting their vaccination status. Some are wondering why Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t suspended for doing the same thing.

The answer is simple, even if it’s not universally accepted as satisfactory. Brown misrepresented his status to the Buccaneers and, in turn, the NFL. In contrast, the Packers and the NFL at all times knew that Rodgers was not vaccinated.

Rodgers lied about his status to everybody else. With his words and his actions — repeatedly showing up for indoors press conferences without wearing a mask, despite the protocols applicable to unvaccinated players. In doing so Rodgers risked the lives of the reporters.

Rodgers faced only a fine for one violation. It was because the team and the league allowed him to continue to show up for those press conferences without a mask. All of his team knew that he wasn’t vaccinated.

Both offenses are problematic. Brown’s is much worse, given that he was in much closer proximity to coaches and staff without a mask. Brown faced a greater consequence because of it.

Should Rodgers have faced greater consequences, too?  A reasonable argument can be made that he got away with far less than a slap on the wrist. However, unlike Brown, he never lied to the team or the league about his true status.

Anirban Biswas

Anirban Biswas has been writing for Thirsty For News since 2021 and has been covering various topics such as entertainment, music, and pop culture. In his free time, Anirban enjoys playing guitar, composing music and exploring new places.

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