Lebron James is feeling just fine after his positive COVID-19 diagnosis. As it would turn out, he has already had a test turn out negative since the aforementioned diagnosis. He was obviously sidelined due to the diagnosis, but just how long will he be out?

As it turns out, and according to reports by Shams Charania, who is an NBA insider, James needs to have two consecutive negative COVID-19 tests within a 24 hour period. If not, he cannot play. In a Tweet by the Pat McAfee show, Charania is quoted as saying that James needs to abide by the 10-day protocol in addition.

“LeBron is gonna be in protocols for at least 10 days.. I have been told that he is feeling fine & has already had 1 negative test”

What makes this a tad more interesting, is that Lebron James needs to have 2 specific tests within that 24 hour period…a test known specifically as a COVID-19 PCR test. At this time, it is unclear if the test that he returned as negative is a PCR test.

Lebron took to Twitter stating that he thought the current situation was a tad fishy, he going all out with the fish emoji’s it would seem. (Tweet below.) His not being there for The Lakers might be for a while, and many are worried, but it’s refreshing to some that the protocols are being respected.

What’s clear is that no matter how fishy the circumstances, James is certainly abiding by the rules. He’s landed an impressive 25.8 points in 11 games and he will definitely be missed on the courts.

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