Kailyn Lowry has been subject to a lot of scrutiny by fans as she’s taking on the insurmountable task of being in ‘Teen Mom 2.’ While the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood still goes through a lot of controversy and criticism, Lowry knows exactly what she’s in for.

Lowry recently revealed in one of her Instagram livestreams that she has not filmed anything for the MTV show in the last three months. That led to the development of the rumor that Lowry has quit the show. However, she’s ready to clean the slate with the fans.

Lindsie Chrisley, co-host, and Lowry started off the latest episode of their podcast “Coffee Convos” by clearing the fans up about her status on the show. She said that their conversation over the podcast will be featured on the show.

Lowry then talked about her looks, and said that you can’t “talk sh*t” without getting ready for it. She then revealed why was she not filming for the show for such a long time.

I’m going to put my phone like right here in this plant so that we can get what I can for MTV. I have it in a plant right now. I have so much to tell you right now. Hit record. OK. Alright. So I was supposed to be filming for ‘Teen Mom’ today and I texted you over the weekend and was like how do you feel about this. Agreed? Cool. Whatever. Yesterday [I] got this random call from Chris’ mom — which I haven’t talked to her since last year — so I was like this is not normal.

Kailyn then revealed the string of emergencies she had to face on Thanksgiving. Both her sons had contracted an illness, and her ex-husband Chris had executively mistreated the situation.

So I email Chris twice — call him four times — and I’m like, I am now making the executive decision to come get him because you’re not responding and I’m not waiting for a response. Lux is there. Chris shows up. Creed is nowhere to be found. Why are you separating them when we’re supposed to have visitation at your moms’ house? Creed also has the same thing that Lux has! Why when you noticed what was happening did you not, A: call me to — I don’t know — for us to decide together that something was going on. Something was clearly wrong, or B: decide, make an executive decision to take them to urgent care and have me meet you there.

While Lowry kept some details private, she still gave a pretty detailed account of the situation. Family emergency is always a valid reason to take some time off. Even though her schedule for shooting with MTV didn’t work out, Lowry is sure to drop new content for the show soon.

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