Amber Portwood is often the center of controversy among fans as they’re critical of her treatment towards her daughter Leah, 13. Many are aware that a season’s worth of drama has placed great strain between the relationship of the mother and daughter.

Portwood, however, revealed to Page Six that their relationship is going through a period of healing. She revealed that after some work, their relationship is in a much better place.

The Teen Mom OG star told the outlet that Leah is reaching out to her, and she does not want to mess anything up. Portwood had to be estranged with Leah for a long time, which has been a deterrent in her relationship with Leah.

I don’t want to mess anything up, but [things are] good. She’s reaching [out] and I am [so excited]. My arms are up and open.

Portwood added that she is doing her part in being honest to Leah. She said that Leah has a lot of questions about her past, such as about her prison sentence and substance abuse issues. However, she is doing her best to give Leah the answers she must receive.

She’s been asking questions. I’ve always told her the truth, as much as I could for her age. As she’s gotten older, she’s learned more. With her age right now, she’s kind of like, ‘Well, I don’t like that attitude or behavior. I’m not like that.’ I think she has every right to be mad at me for a lot of things. I let her feel her emotions and I understand that.

Portwood’s absence from Leah’s life made them distant. While Leah lived with Portwood’s ex-husband and her father, Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina Anderson, it was clear to the Teen Mom OG star that Leah needed space to deal with things.

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