Recently Kanye West revealed that rapper Soulja Boy asked him for a verse on a song for his ‘DONDA’ album. Sadly he was taken off and as Ye addressed, Soulja Boy was upset about it. More recently, Big Draco called out other artists for similar issues.

Draco recently took to social media to name other rappers who took him off their songs. He expressed major frustration via Instagram Live. He can be heard listening to a song he claims he was taken off of.

The rapper called out Lil Yachty and Stunna 4 Vegas claiming those two were responsible for taking him off three major songs. He went on to tell rappers not to call his phone anymore. He mentioned that the removals are a “slap in the face.”

Kanye West was also not spared in the call out session. He mentioned Kanye’s DONDA story as written at the beginning of this article.

Previously, Soulja Boy has clipped Lil Yachty’s wings on social media. On Monday November 15, the “Rick And Morty” rapper set the record straight with Yachty. He made the boldly broad claim of being the first rapper to shoot a music video on an iPhone.

Lil Yachty was simply promoting the release of his new visual single “YAE Energy,” shot on an iPhone, Big Draco seemingly took direct offense and tweeted:

“You late. I been did that before you even got signed,” Soulja Boy wrote in his reply stamped with a crying laughing emoji.

He went off on Instagram live, calling out songs for ripping him off. “This is a PSA, a public service announcement,” Soulja Boy said. “None of you rappers call my phone no more, please!”

Back in August trolled Ye by reminding the multi-platinum hitmaker he was actually the first rapper to link up with Kim Kardashian. He wrote in the caption of a photo throwing up selfie deuces with Kim K:

“I was the first rapper with @kimkardashian, not u @kanye west.”

Big Draco’s social media call outs, trolls and banters is a saga in itself. We shall keep you updated if we get our hands on more. What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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