Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have split up following Emmett’s alleged infidelity. It has now been revealed that Emmet cheated on Lala while she was pregnant with their daughter Ocean. Randall Emmett was rumored to be cheating on Lala after being seen with two females on a Nashville night out.

Things between Emmet and Kent went south when his cheating photos first surfaced on the “GirlGangz7733” Instagram account. Although Lala didn’t talk in detail about what happened between her and Emmett, she has since made it pretty clear that they are no longer together.

On November 28, 2021, the GirlGangz7733 Instagram Account posted screenshots of text messages allegedly sent by Emmett to other women. The account also shared an anonymous message from someone who said that Emmett cheated on Kent while she was pregnant with Ocean.

The person who runs the account shared a message that was sent to @TheGarciaDiaries in which Emmett was accused of talking to another woman while Kent was pregnant with their daughter.

“My friend was in Palm Springs and met Lala Kent’s baby daddy, Randall Emmett. He was weirdly obsessing over my friend, and asking her to tell him how good looking he was and how into him she was. Like, asking her to tell him over and over constantly, and then would text her while they sat at the table with a group of people, and said she didn’t look at him enough, and got mad at her for it. They literally knew each other for hours at this point,” the anonymous source said.

“Pre-Lala?” read a question from @TheGarciaDiaries.

“Sadly no. She was pregnant at the time,” the anonymous person responded.

Emmett would sometimes have other people reach out and contact women for him before he swept in. He had also allegedly used burner phones to cover his tracks. According to Hollywood Life, Lala Kent was completely blindsided by Randall Emmett leading to their breakup. It was also reported that she will never go back to him.

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