NBA forward PJ Tucker is honoring fashion icon Virgil Abloh with his shoe choice for Monday night’s game. The Heat baller showed off his off white Jordan prior to taking the court against the Denver Nuggets. “Thanks for a lifetime of inspiration” and “Virgil will always be here,” was etched in his kicks with a sharpie.

Louis Vuitton recently announced the passing of their artistic director, Virgil Abloh. The much-loved fashion icon was battling cancer for two years. The loss affected tons of celebs across sports and entertainment.

Tucker is known for his extensive shoe collection. He actually posted a pair of off-white Jordan 2s the day before Abloh’s passing was announced. It read “Air Tucker” and “Virgil 2021.”

Abloh was well-loved in the sports world. Athletes like Karl Anthony Towns, Lebron James, Odell Beckham, and more speak about his tragic death. “Rest in paradise, Legend!!” said Lebron on Sunday. “Stunned, Rest in power,” added Karl Anthony.

Tucker is a known sneakerhead but the off-white Jordans and this pair specifically will undoubtedly hold much greater meaning to him. You can check out the pair of shoes PJ Tucker posted a day before Virgil’s passing.

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