Fetty Wap has worked hard to establish himself as one of the best rappers in the Hip-Hop world right now. Despite that, he is not without his fair share of controversies. It seems he seemingly reacted to recent allegations of being a neglectful father.

Fans of the rapper are well aware of the fact that he has been in a very dark place since the death of his 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell. While he was still healing from the tragedy, he released his comeback album The Butterfly Effect in late October.

Fetty Wap insisted that the butterfly themes of the album were a tribute to Lauren, because of her fondness for butterflies. However, his baby mother Turquoise decided to shut down those claims as well.

“She likes butterflies just like she likes all animals but she was always a mermaid princess like the little mermaid and that was her thing! She had the mermaid doll, the matching clothes, she made me buy her best friend a mermaid doll too and we had to watch The Little Mermaid every day and sing along to the soundtrack every morning. I’m not throwing no f**king butterflies knowing it was a marketing scheme for a N***a to use.”

On top of that Turquoise also alleged that Fetty Wap only saw his daughter once or twice a year and that he kept using media opportunities to gain sympathy for his daughter’s death, even though he never really cared for her

“You’re grieving for the time that you didn’t take advantage of. You’re not actually grieving because you miss this little girl because you have a connection with her. You didn’t call her every day, you didn’t call her every week, you didn’t call her every month. This n***a probably called her about one to two times a f*cking year. You’re not grieving for what you actually lost because when you had the ability to have it, you were not interested.”

Fetty Wap seemingly responded to these allegations as he took to Instagram and uploaded as he dismissed any sort of drama on the internet as he is busy fighting in real life.

“I’m Fighting real life shit … I don’t respect the internet shit .. Much love for the ones who bring peace in my life at this point.”

Fetty Wap also recently agreed to delay the federal case during plea allegations. Regardless of the allegations, Fetty Wap is still a father and no father can ever be okay to see the death of their child.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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