Lil Uzi Vert is always able to catch a headline. He’s also characterized by his facial tattoos, facial piercings, eccentric hairstyles, and androgynous fashion. That image costs a lot to maintain, to say the least.

The famous rapper is amongst those people who make a wild purchase often. They also make sure that they are enjoying every minute of it. He implanted a $24 million diamond into his forehead earlier this year. He also has an exotic car collection, which is incredible.

On Friday, November 26, Lil Uzi Vert stopped by Trainwreck’s Twitch stream for a regular conversation. The conversation led Uzi to explain what he wanted to buy next. According to Baby Pluto, he has his eyes set on an actual jetpack.

“To be honest, I’ve been like on some other sh*t. I’m trying to buy this jet pack, right, this is serious. It’s not about the money cause I think it’s about like maybe after everything after maybe $700,000 or $600,000. The one I’m trying to get, you got to take a class for about a year, I think.”

A jetpack may sound crazy for some people but when it comes to Uzi it doesn’t sound too wacky. He regularly embraces being different and gives off those outer space vibes. He may also be the first rapper ever to have a jetpack if he manages to get one.

Fans are still waiting for Uzi to drop his upcoming project, The Pink Tape. While he is stopping by on live streams, such as Adin Ross’s popular Twitch show. It doesn’t help that people are also spotting him hanging out with fans randomly.

Shivangini Rawat

Shivangini is a law student with a passion for writing and music. She writes for Thirstyfornews and enjoys cooking, baking, and playing various instruments. In her free time, she watches movies, TV shows, and anime, with a love for bands like Alcest and Scorpions.

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