Xzibit and Dr. Dre collaborations go back a long way. Even to this day, they are finding common ground as newly-divorced men. Xzibit’s partner for 20 years filed for divorce earlier this year and of course, Dr. Dre’s separation from his wife is not news.

It seems that both the hip-hop icons are tackling their divorce with humor. X posted a photo on Instagram wearing a shirt that read, “N.W.D”. The acronym apparently stand for Ni**az With Divorces. The typography mimics the iconic style of N.W.A.’s logo. 

X posted multiple photos which when swiped revealed more. The collection included his photo showing off the back of the t-shirt which read, “Straight Outta Marriage.” Dr. Dre is seen in the second photo pointing to the backside of the t-shirt.

The caption in the said post sarcastically said that both of them were healing and making progress. The legends mixed wit with their current life and hip-hop trademarks. Ni**az With Attitudes and Straight Outta Compton got some interesting twists from their part.

Over the past year, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s multi-million dollar divorce and the assets that are at stake continued to hit the headlines. Apparently, Dr. Dre is sitting on $180 million in cash, $260M in real estate, and $6M in stock. Young demanded Dre to pay her $4M in legal fees, along with an additional $300K in temporary spousal support.

Xzibit’s marital issues however, remained swept under the carpet. Since it’s inception this year, the particulars of their legal issue didn’t make it to the news. The numbers are still unknown but we shall keep you updated if anything new cooks up.

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