Kailyn Lowry from “Teen Mom 2” made a TikTok recently that unnerved quite some people. She stated that there might be three men between her four sons. She boldly said that she’s never going to be someone’s second “baby mama.”

“I mayyyyy have 2 baby daddies and an ex-husband, but I will never be the second baby mama,” Lowry, 29, captioned a TikTok on November 26th. The video showed the mother-of-four drinking a bottle of water and grinning while she listened to Nicki Minaj‘s “High School.” The post amassed more than 2.5 million views and nearly 3,000 comments.

Not all the responses were positive. Some viewers said Lowry wasn’t in a position to criticize other women. The MTV personality maintained her post was all in good fun.

Some fans on Reddit interpreted Lowry’s TikTok as a diss toward “Baby Mamas” podcast co-host Vee Rivera. Some social media users argued Rivera didn’t count as a “baby mama” because she’s married.

Lowry wrote back to people in the comments section under the original video that her TikTok was just a “joke,” but she created a separate video to tackle criticism. It showed her putting on lip-gloss, looking directly into the camera and saying, “I’m mother f****** star.”

“When people throw temper tantrums thinking my tiktoks are directed toward them,” she wrote. “Unless I say your name, my s*** isn’t about you. Keep scrolling.”

Fans will be divided as to if it was meant towards Vee or not. There will be discomfort around them with the debate as to if it was a joke or not. However the matter is, hope she doesn’t do enough damage to her public image by going wild on social media unfiltered.

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