One of the last remaining rookies from MTV’s The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies, Emanuel Neagu, called out Jemmye Carroll and the “Real World” alum did not hold back. The drama between the two started when Fessy Shafat tweeted an idea he had for future seasons of “The Challenge.”

Fessy put forward his idea of traveling across the United States so people could watch live and cheer on, through his tweet. Jemmye replied to Fessy’s tweet. The screenshot of this exchange led to Emanuel calling out Jemmye.

Emanuel took to the comments of the Instagram account that posted the screenshot of Jemmye’s reply to blast Jemmye. “That’s the same girl that wanna bully Tori for clout, right ?. Jemmye has called out Tori Deal in the past when she called her an “opportunist,” Jemmye replied to Emanuel with a tweet and also replied directly to Emanuel in the Instagram comment, writing “clout? lol. last time I checked I am actually on the show fans enjoy watching! she will drop you as soon as you stop getting cast so enjoy the ride bro!!!”

It is not the first time Emanuel has spoken up on social media and the rookie has shown that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Emanuel further replied to Jemmye by saying, “Jemy I thought that was for clout because I personally don’t have the heart to go out and bully someone or try to put them down.”

Jemmye ended the conversation by replying to Emanuel,” telling the truth isn’t bullying. She is an opportunist. Facts are Facts! You’ll, unfortunately, learn it the hard way!!”

Anushmitta Dutta

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