When Las Vegas Raiders beat Dallas Cowboys humiliatingly, Dak Prescott from the latter threw a bit of shade at “bandwagon” fans. During the postgame media session he admitted that a bunch of people are jumping off the bandwagon.

The Cowboys quarterback was one of several players to discuss the officials after the team’s loss to the Raiders. Both teams were penalized 14 times, but the Cowboys’ infractions amounted for 166 yards compared to the Raiders’ 110 yards. Prescott emphasized that the Cowboys need to be able to “keep the officials out of the game.”

He said being smart and being able to keep the officials out of the game, playing complimentary football, scoring touchdowns when the defense gets turnovers will do the job for them. The Cowboys quarterback emphasized that what mattered most was the players’ belief in the team. 

Prescott admitted that playing for the Cowboys draws more scrutiny, especially during a losing streak. He said that instead of focusing on the talk outside, the team should have faith in each other. Trusting the players and putting the mind on the pitch would favor them immensely.

He said it’s not the end, they lost a tough one in an overtime game today and that’s the bottom line. Overthinking about the loss will do them no good. Prescott believes that the commitment to one another and to winning is what would matter the most.

Fisher, an analyst, tweeted “Fellas: It’s a bad look. It’s a bottom-line business. You lost. Fans have EVERY RIGHT to feel disappointed, excited, pissed … whatever they want to feel. Deal with it.” He stated that this kind of statements makes them look bad in front of the fans.

Have a look at what Prescott had to say:

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