Tommy Fury is set to face the infamous Jake Paul in the ring on the 18th of December, and it seems that the fiercest supporter in his corner is his elder brother Tyson Fury.

Paul recently opened up about some voice notes of an aggressive nature that Tyson Fury left in his DMs. In his recent conversation with “Boxing Social,” Fury explained these messages.

Oh, I’ve just been terrorizing them, to be honest. Welcome to my world. To be honest, it’s not been that much terrorizing or whatever, but just a bit of back-and-forth jokes, really. How can I take a couple of YouTubers seriously? It is what it is.

When it comes to combat sports, Fury has already established himself as one of the greats. It is definitely a huge advantage for Tommy to have his brother’s guidance ahead of the bout.

Both Paul and Tommy have remained undefeated in their respective careers so far. That being said, Tommy is the first trained professional that Paul will be facing, a change of pace from the MMA stars and retired athletes he’s faced so far.

This fight will be a crucial one for both Tommy and Paul, and could mark a turning point in their respective careers. Check out Tyson’s interview below.

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