Lil Baby was quite the generous man. He recently sent imprisoned rapper Ralo 50k. But now Lil Baby is now playing debt collector though, he wants to know “where his money at?”.

One of the main attributes of being a rapper is the “money flex”. However, YK Osiris is running low on money. The 23-year-old R&B star has been spotted shopping at department store Ross and even traded in his luxury cars for a Hyundai SUV.

But its not all bad, YK still does his best to live lavishly when he can. He flaunted his $325,000 earrings earlier this week. His peers did take notice of his purchase and are not afraid to ask questions.

Lil Baby believes it’s time for the “Worth It” singer to pay back a debt he owes. He straight-up asked Osiris to pay up. “Osiris, let me get them five bands, bruh,” he says. Osiris tried to dodge the request brush it off with his humor but Lil Baby retained the grip. “If you f***ed up right now, don’t worry about it. I’ll get it from you … I’ll wait on your next hit!”. Baby warned Osiris “I’ma invoice your label,” but he only got nervous chuckles in response. You can watch how the exchange went down in the video clip from Icebox’s latest vlog below:

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Shifa Jahan

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