Bronny James lost a bet with TikTok star NeverMissAllie over a free throw shooting contest. Bronny said he’d give her his sneakers if she sunk more shots than he did. Apparently, it was the jeering related to Bronny that caused the ejection of fans at the Lakers Vs Pacers game.

The prized sneakers in question were a pair of Jordan 1 Union Los Angeles Blue Toes. Resellers usually ask roughly $2,000 a pair. Its safe to say that Bronny’s dad can surely get him  a replacement pair.

Something triggered LeBron about the pair of Pacers fans sitting courtside. King James approached the referee and pointed out the two fans. According to Lebron they were jeering the Lakers star during an intense moment in overtime. Both fans were then ejected from the arena.

Some fans who reportedly heard the exchange took to twitter to disclose what the jeering was about. If their testaments are true, then the ejection was certainly warranted.

As you can see in the tweet below, it is rumored that the Pacers fans had wished death on LeBron’s son Bronny, claiming that they hope he dies in a car accident. This is certainly not matter to joke about. Its quite disgraceful considering they’re mocking the prospect of death of somebody’s child.

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