LeBron James got suspended after Sunday’s wild incident. He was banned for the first time in his 19-year career. It was a shocking decision, as yesterday was the Lakers’ next game in New York against the Knicks.

Something triggered Lebron about the pair of fans sitting courtside in the Los Angeles Lakers’ contest against the Indiana Pacers. The Lakers superstar ejected the pair from the game. The moment went down with 2 minutes left in OT against the Indiana Pacers right after Bron hit a three-pointer to put L.A. up 117-114.

King James approached the referee and pointed out the two fans. According to Lebron they were jeering the Lakers star during an intense moment in overtime. Both fans were then ejected from the arena.

It’s unclear what lead to that ejection, but it was triggering for Lebron. It made him approach an official and point at a man and a woman sitting in the front row. In the video, you can hear a fuming LeBron say “right f***ing here” and pointing directly at the fans.

Shortly after, they were being escorted out of the arena by security. The female fan poked Bron by making an animated crying gesture towards him. Eventually, the game was resumed and the Lakers held on for the win, 124-116.

He excelled his performance with 39 points, five rebounds, and six assists for the Lakers on a night with Anthony Davis on the sidelines due to an illness. It’s not the first time James has had fans removed. Last season, he had a “Courtside Karen” escorted out after being heckled in a game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Shivangini Rawat

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