Rapper Honeykomb Brazy was originally sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in 2016 on a weapons possession charge. The rapper was released on probation last year, but was quickly sent back to serve the rest of his sentence when he was found in violation of the terms of his probation.

Now, the rapper has shared some alarming news regarding the nature of his imprisonment. Brazy took to Instagram yesterday to send out a message to his fans, stating that he fears he’ll be killed in prison.

In the Instagram post, the rapper claimed that he is being bullied and mistreated by the prison staff, stating that they “shook [him] down 5 times already” in the first 9 days.

He also stated that he was awoken at 2 am to be strip-searched, and then left to sleep on the floor without a mat. The rapper also expressed fear that the prison staff will kill him if they noticed his Instagram post. Let’s hope they don’t see it.

I’m at limestone correctional facility, I been here 9 day and they shook me down 5 times already. This a racist camp and the polices been calling me out my name and calling me all types of n****s. I’m in lockup right now with no disciplinary write up or no explanation. I ain’t really complaining about my situation, but I do wanna bring awareness to my family and fans on what’s going on. They woke me up at 2am this morning and strip searched me and through me in the lockup cell with no mat, blanket or nothing and made me sleep on the floor. I said that to let everybody know I ain’t finna keep going for this sh*t. I been laid back trying to make it home to my family and see this bigger picture but I still got my grandma and grandpa and all type of other sh*t on my mind. I ain’t finna keep going for this sh*t no more, they probably gon run in here when they see this post and jump on me. They might kill me or I might make it out but I ain’t going for it no more so I’m just letting everybody know.

This is certainly concerning news. You can read the rapper’s post in its entirety below.

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Abhishek Kar

Abhishek Kar is a freelance writer and a full-time pop culture enthusiast from India. In his spare time, he likes to paint.

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