Bobby Shmurda was behind the bars for a long time. After his return, Shmurda has been getting back in the groove of doing things and releasing more music. Fans had not listened to Shmurda in the meantime of his sentence, but his return has changed that.

The rapper just released a new song. He took his time to truly adjust in the outside world and let his creativity flow. After missing his craft for many years, it seems the artist is intent on delivering the music he should’ve a long time ago.

Shmurda took to Twitter in order to let fans know the ideal artist for him to collaborate with. While the rapper has already worked with Quavo on his track “Schmoney“, he now wants to work with Adele.

You Know what the world needs …. #BobbyShmurda & #Adele to make a Strip Club Anthem 😂

Bobby made another tweet where he talked about his appreciation for Adele’s voice. He may love Adele’s singing, but his dream for a collaboration with the singer-songwriter might be a long shot.

Drake & Adele are fans, as everyone knows. However, Adele is rather reluctant to work on an album with Drake. Bobby Shmurda is pretty huge. However, he still doesn’t compare with Drake. Maybe in a couple of years, the rapper can finally fulfill his dream.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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